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About us

We, Johann Hebenstreit and Bernhard Monschein, have founded MH Agrarhandel GmbH in 2012. Due to a worldwide shortfall in the supply of non-GMO soya meal we decided to use regional soya in the feeding of our laying hens.

For this purpose, the soya beans are heated in a toasting facility and afterwards pressed, through which soya meal and soya oil are produced. This innovative form of soya processing is the only one of its kind in Styria.

In 2015, due to increasing business requests, we decided to build a storage facility for soya beans as well as two additional toasting facilities. Now we can happily say that it is possible for us to produce Donau Soja meal and Donau Soja oil for the feeding of laying hens and Donau Soja peelings for the feeding of pigs.


Donau Soja oil

Soya oil consists of 98% crude fat and therefore holds a lot of energy and linoleic acid in a highly usable form. It is used as a supplement for laying hen feed.

Donau Soja bean peelings

Soya bean peelings are known for their extremely high crude fibre content (about 33%) and are therefore ideal for the keeping of breeding sows.

Donau Soja meal

In 94% dry matter, soya meal holds about 45% crude protein and about 11% crude fat. It is mixed into laying hen feed at a rate of 24 - 28%. Soya meal is also ideal for the feeding of cattle.


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