Maschinenfabrik Schmotzer GmbH c/o Agrinnova GmbH & Co KG

Bad Windsheim, a spa town in Bavaria, is home to Schmotzer, a company founded nearly 110 years ago by Dr. Hans Schmotzer. Their primary focus is the production of precision seed drills, hoeing machines, and sprayers. The products are developed and manufactured in Bad Windsheim exclusively, and vertical integration is at about 90%. Their complete control of production and quality of their materials has positioned the company as an attractive niche supplier on the world market.
As the demand for organic food has grown over the course of the past few years, increasing regulations for chemical instruments has confronted farmers with new challenges. Schmotzer produced the world’s first hoeing machine in 1922. At that time an international innovation, today with sales mounting in to the many millions.
Schmotzer offers agricultural machines for all needs. Every machine is unique, and adjusted to the customer’s specific requirements. As a successful cooperating partner, Agrinnova GmbH&Co KG markets Schmotzer GmbH products. For more details see: