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Legume Technology Ltd

Inoculants for soya


About the company

Established in 2000 and now selling in more than 30 countries including major
soya production territories Brazil, Ukraine, Russia, USA, Canada, several African countries, Australia and many European countries.

Full range of inoculant formulations including peat sachets and liquid products for farmer application and also pre-treatment products for seed coating services prior to delivery to farm.

Development program including bio-stimulant bacterial and fungi species and also organic stimulants and co-applied trace elements supplements all designed to boost soya yield.

Independent trial results over several years, in 2018 alone we have trials in Germany, Hungary, Ukraine, Canada, Brazil –all independent any most head to head with leading competitors.


The company's role in sustainable soya supply for Europe

In land that has not been used for soybean cultivation before the use of a high quality inoculant can more than double the yield. As soya is forecast to increase in the area grown over the next 10 years in the European countries the use of soybean inoculants is certain to increase. We offer a high quality range inoculant products specifically for soya and have more than 18 years’ experience with independent trials to support the products. We have sales agents in several EC countries, Ukraine and Russia with registrations already in place in several countries GER, AUS, HUN CZ, SK, FRA, SPN in place or ready for 2019 season). PL, BUL, RO, CRO in process. Planned SRB, MOL, ITL.