As Austria's only commercial laboratory for isotope analysis, Imprint Analytics GmbH performs high-precision analyses to determine the origin, identity, and authenticity of products and raw materials. Because a product's particular isotopic composition reflects the pattern of a specific geographical region or production process, stable isotope analysis has become a powerful tool in many fields such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, textiles, and agricultural products. With stable isotope analysis being a cutting-edge technology, Imprint Analytics is committed to engage in research and development, and to offer this unique service to meet the needs for modern analytic product authentication. 

Since its foundation in late 2012 Imprint Analytics has proven to be a competent partner for producers as well as retailers who care about assuring the quality of their products. We offer standard analyses relying on databases along with tailored solutions for specific questions. We received awards in 2013 and 2015 within the course of the Burgenländischer Innovationspreis for our most innovative service of determining the origin of food and agricultural products using the reference sample approach.

A multidisciplinary team determines the isotopic fingerprint of a product and interprets it with professional expertise at our ISO 17025-accredited laboratory in Neutal, Austria. For further information please refer to our website