Group Vandamme

Group Vandamme is a family owned company (1903), transforming oilseeds into vegetable oils and meals. Yearly about 300 000 tons of oilseeds are processed. Local sourcing is the corner stone of purchasing soft commodities such as non gmo soybeans, corn germs and high oleic sun seeds.

Target markets for vegetable oils are the food and oleochemical sector; the meals are sold to the compound feed industry.
You can find our clients all over Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and South East Asia.

The processing takes place in two plants:

Belgium: Europalaan 63, 9800 Deinze

  • Head office, crush and refinery
  • Processing of corn germs and high oleic sunflower seeds
  • Sales of refined high oleic sunfloweroil, refined non gmo cornoil
  • Sales of sunflower meal feed, corn germ meal feed

Hungary: Tűzoltó u. 2., 2921 Komárom

  • Crush
  • Processing of corn germs and non gmo soybeans
  • Degummed non gm cornoil, degummed non gmo soybeanoil
  • Corn germ meal feed, non gmo soybean meal feed

About 80 employees daily commit themselves to deliver first class quality, meeting to our clients’ standards. Our customer care is based upon a personal approach supported by multimodal logistic solutions. A stringent supervision of our sourcing, efficient cost controlling and the continuous search for production efficiency enable investments in new business developments.

Keen to learn more about our group and our activities?

Do not hesitate to contact us:
Head office Belgium
Phone: +32 9 386 75 12
Fax: +32 9 386 91 16
Mailto: info(at)