Grim Management Services B.V.

Making connections, adding value and creating win-win for all parties involved is key for Edwin Grim, Director of  Grim Management Services B.V.

Edwin has studied Agriculture and Business Administration. He actively supports sustainable/circular agriculture with the emphasis on improving soil life and soil health. He consults companies in the field of agriculture about their strategy and marketing approach for the European Union. One of his clients is Agnition, a subsidiary of Ralco Agriculture from the USA.

They offer Microbial Catalyst® technology to stimulate soil microbes by unlocking enzymatic processes that release more nutrients to plants. This can be made available by Commence® seed coating and by Generate® foliar application. These products are classified as EC fertilizers, liquid inorganic micro-nutrient fertilizer blends in compliance with EU regulation 2003/2003 and in several countries already approved for organic production.

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