GeneCon International GmbH is an international accredited, independent molecular biological and biochemical analytic laboratory.
Our service consist of quality control of seed material, food and feed, textiles and cotton, pharmaceutics and as well as cosmetics.
Our detection systems are used in the following application fields:
qualitative and quantitative detection of GMO

  • food allergens
  • animal and plant species identification
  • activity analytics of nutritionally relevant enzymes
  • microorganisms
  • antibiotic resistance genes

We use State-Of-Art analytical technology e.g. qualitative and quantitative real time PCR, HRM, DNA sequencing and photometry (ELISA, UV measurements)
We also offer residue analyses of pesticides, toxins or other chemical compounds such as heavy metal as well as marketability testing for the German food market in cooperation with accredited partner laboratories.
In combination with our strategic partner EuregioBioSolutions GmbH, GeneCon International GmbH is active in research and development in projects with well-known cooperation partners such as Fraunhofer Institute IME (Aachen) or Research Center Jülich.
We also develop and establish specific detection methods and analytical systems on customer request.

Here you can find a flyer with furter information. 

GeneCon International GmbH
Grengracht 39
D-52499 Baesweiler
Tel: +49 (0) 2401 89 60 182
Fax: +49 (0) 2101 89 60 183