Eko-Zemlja RS

The Ecoland RS association was founded in 2006 and brings together fourteen families and most of them are small scale producers. The starting idea of the group of farmers was to work together and to become competitive regarding quantities of organic products on the market. Within 100 ha under cultivation Ecoland RS produces over 15 different crops, accomplishing spices diversity as a basic principle in organic production. In addition to this they are offering cash crops which are highly demanded in EU countries (organic soybean, paprika, herbs, and spices). Ecoland RS is producing for a well-known partner Ecoland Herbs & Spices-BESH, pig producer from the Hohenlohe region in Germany. This cooperation presents a successful model through long term cooperation, where a buyer actively supports the group of producers. The farmer association tends to extend their surfaces under soybean from their current capacities to the maximum in existing crop rotation. Cooperation between Ecoland Herbs & Spices (Donau Soja Member), Ecoland RS and Donau Soja resulted with joint activities such as development of demonstration field, organization of trainings, soybean export to Germany and its integration into a value chain as Donau Soja organically produced proteins for feed.