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Ecolution Oy
Espoo, Finland
Bioreactors for handling of okara


About the company

During past 5 years Ecolution has developed the patented bioreactor, which refines okara to organic fertilizer in 10 days.

Ecolution has founded a Joint Venture Company in China. The patents, including all the technical information, have been licensed for the Joint Venture, to be utilized in China area. The first commercial reactor will be started in Shanghai during the spring 2019.

Same kind of operating model will be used in other countries as well. Ecolution is looking for new partners in Europa and in Asia.


The company's role in sustainable soya supply for Europe

Ecolution strives to become globally number one in okara refinement, thus helping tofu and soy milk production to become the first process to function 100 per cent according to the circular economy concept.