DANKO Hodowla Roślin Ltd. is a Polish commercial company dealing mainly with the plant breeding of agricultural crops. It's headquarter is located in Choryń near Poznań. Long tradition (since 1880), experienced staff, unique germplasm and modern methods and facilities allow effective and lasting creation of new plant varieties for both domestic and European markets.

The plant breeding is conducted in a few experimental stations located in different regions of Poland. Classical plant breeding based on intensive plant selection and field experiments is completed with greenhouse and laboratory research and state-of-art tools and technics. 

At present the following breeding and research programs are being conducted: winter and spring wheat, winter and spring triticale, winter and spring barley, winter rye, oats, field peas, spring vetch, Italian ryegrass and festulolium.

Since 2013 Danko has been involved in soybean research and development. The aim is to create new GMO-free soybean varieties for local conditions, well adapted to polish climate and soil conditions. Very early types (000) are needed combined with stable yields of proteins and oil.​


Agnieszka Katańska-Kaczmarek Ph.D.  (soybean breeder)

Karol Marciniak Ph.D. (CEO)