BAG Ölmühle Güssing

The BAG Oil Mill is an oilseed processing facility located in the State of Burgenland, Austria. We combine traditional processing methods with modern, industrial processes in order to supply our customers with premium-quality feed and oil.

Established in 1989 as a cooperative named "Burgenländische Alternativ-, Treib- und Heizstofferzeugung reg GenmbH", our company was acquired in 2006 by an Austrian corporate group. We increased our processing output from 6,000 to 30,000 tons per year in the first year after the acquisition. Next, we expanded the total capacity to well over 60,000 tons per year. We also decided to install an extraction plant that not only serves as a second oil recovery stage, but also produces soybean meal.

Given the growing demand and importance of local, sustainably produced food and feed, we decided in 2011 to convert our oil mill, which at the time only processed rapeseed, to Austria's first soybean oil mill with extraction. Since autumn 2011, the Güssing plant has processed non-GMO soybeans from Central Europe into non-GMO soybean oil and meal.

BAG Soya Bean Oil Mill Güssing