Bäuerliche Erzeuger-
gemeinschaft Schwäbisch Hall

The "Bäuerliche Erzeugergemeinschaft Schwäbisch Hall" (BESH) is an agricultural self-help initiative that was founded in 1988 by eight farmers on the Sonnenhof farm of Rudolf Bühler in Wolpertshausen.
Rudolf Bühler is founder and chairman since the beginning.

Since it was founded, 1,450 family farms from the Hohenlohe region have joined the BESH association of agricultural producers. The goal of the association is to turn the natural potentials of the region into real value and to enable the producers to benefit from this added value by means of fair prices with the implementation of projects for rural development in the Hohenlohe region.

For this purpose, BESH maintains an enterprise based on the principle of solidaric business with a current annual turnover of €120 million. The profit from the enterprise directly benefits the family farms as a result of prices that are significantly above the market level.

BESH projects for rural regional development deal with the protection of biodiversity through the use of traditional domestic animal races and crops, with natural and organic practices, with animal welfare husbandry and the promotion of sustainable and future-viable agricultural systems.

For this purpose the association has implemented various premium meat projects, which are organised by the farmers itself based on the principle "from field to fork". These projects are supported by sub-organisations linked to BESH, such as breeding associations, extension service, slaughterhouse, a processing and sausage manufacture and own farmers-consumer markets.

BESH, as a mutually supportive association of farmers, is well-known for its projects far beyond the national boundaries as a best practise case for sustainable, integrated rural regional development.

It maintains diverse partner projects throughout Europe and the rest of the world. As an agricultural engineer and project manager, Rudolf Bühler has decades of experience in development aid and in establishing sustainable value creation chains.
For the past 23 years BESH has assisted and implemented similar producer associations abroad, and for the past 12 years it has been implementing very successful PPP projects in Kerala/India, Vojvodina/Serbia, Romania, the Ukraine, Russia, Namibia and Zanzibar. Trade relations have been established with the Indian, Serbian and Zanzibarian producers and pilot projects for organic cultivation have been introduced in these regions.

The global development project SEEDS OF HOPE initiated by BESH and its sister organisation ECOLAND is based on a concept in which small-scale farmers in different regions of the Earth are enabled to achieve a sustainable income by working with their own hands, through the ecological use of the locally existing resources. The partnerships with the producer associations of small-scale farmers of Kerala in India, Vojvodina in Serbia and Zanzibar in Tanzania produce herbs and spices on the basis of certified organic agriculture, the produce is then purchased from these small-scale cooperatives at fair prices by BESH/ECOLAND and used for their own purposes and also marketed here in Hohenlohe.

BESH cooperates with the following partners: ECOLAND, Demeter International, Slow Food, Nature Life International, Deutsche Entwicklungsgesellschaft DEG, GIZ and diverse universities in Germany and abroad.


Bäuerliche Erzeugergemeinschaft Schwäbisch Hall
Haller Str. 20
74549 Wolpertshausen

Tel.: +49 (0) 7904-9797-0
Email: info@besh.de