АТК, a group of companies founded in 1994, is a leading player in the agricultural market of Ukraine. ATK operates all stages of the development of agricultural production and processing. Being active for more than 10 years, the company has become one of the largest corporations specialized on non-genetic-modified (non GMO) grains, oilseeds and high quality potato growing. ATK has established itself as an efficient leader in implementing technological innovations on the agricultural industry of Ukraine. The company controls directly over 50 000 ha of land, and 15 000 ha indirectly. ATK also operates four elevators with total capacity storage of 205 000 tons. ATK, which stands for Agro-Technological Corporation, utilizes the most modern technologies available, for equipment and technique.  


ATK's vertically integrated business includes:

  • Farming - Own crops: ATK has its own crops as well as indirect control of others
  • Machinery: The most modern and advanced equipment available in today's market, imported from the best suppliers
  • Laboratory: ATK owns a very advanced laboratory for soil analysis, with the most sophisticated tools available in the world today
  • Grain Handling - ATK's four Elevators throughout Ukraine, all with strict non-GMO control, have a total capacity of storing 205.000MT
  • Transportation – Railcars and Railways operator: ATK group owns 200 railcars for grain transportation, which are also operated by ATK
  • Transloading Terminal: ATK's partner Zlote Ziarno offers its transloading services in Kije, Poland. Their terminal is the entrance for ATK's products to Western Europe and the whole world
  • Cooperative – KMD, ATK's cooperative section, uses all of ATK's resources in order to provide the same quality of operation to small and middle sized farmers
  • Trading: ATK also has a trading division, dealing with the strongest players in the world agricultural market
  • Crush Plant - To be concluded in September 2016, ATK is building the most modern oil extraction factory in Europe, providing soybean oil, meal, lecithin and white flakes