ALFA BIO s.r.o.

25 years of honest family tradition
For more than twenty-five years Alfa Bio s.r.o. has successfully produced plant foods in order to increase people‘s interest in what they eat. The company’s mission is to offer innovative solutions for a healthy lifestyle and contribute to the change in dietary habits. Fairly, with quality and for all.

In 1980s Ján Lunter senior, the founder of the company, launched the first production of TOFU in the former Czechoslovakia. Despite the many pitfalls, in 1991 the cellar of his own family home became the first TOFU factory in Central Europe and the official history of the company’s origin was recorded. In the beginning, the company produced 500 kg of tofu per month. Today the production reaches 160 tons of tofu per month.

Lunter products are of vegetable origin. They are produced traditionally and fairly from fresh ingredients and contain no harmful preservatives. The company places great emphasis on the fact that they are not only healthy, but also tasty and support varied diet. By buying Lunter products customers express their relation to tasty and healthy food and help to spread the philosophy of the company – a healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle, integrity and fairness.

A part from the tofu, the company produces vegetable spreads, soya drinks, soya sausages and ready meals. The company currently operates in all three markets of the V4 region. Successful part of business activities includes a restaurant LUNTER KUCHYŇA and LUNTER shop & bistro, which serve hot and cold meals made exclusively from vegetable ingredients.

Alfa Bio has received several awards for its activities, of which the most valuable include:

  • Award of the Ministry of Health “Nutrition for Heart”
  • Via Bona Award, Responsible medium-scale business
  • Finalist in „Entrepreneur of 2015“ competition and a special award for Entrepreneurial heart