International Field Days Ukraine 2018

From 20-22 June 2018, the Donau Soja Association organised for the first time a joint exposition within the framework of the “International Field Days Ukraine”, which were held in Kyiv region, Ukraine. The exposition consisted of 10 member companies and partners of the association representing the whole soya added value chain. These were seed companies, input producers, companies presenting plant protection technologies, producers of inoculants, analytic laboratories for pesticides, GMO and mycotoxins, surveying companies, and producers of strip tests for fast identification of the GMO in the field.  The most effective agronomic approaches were demonstrated by 12 soya varieties from the exhibiting companies on the land plot 500 m2.

On this occasion, representatives of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine provided all interested visitors with information regarding the state support for farming and cooperation development. Namely, compensation for 70% of the costs of purchased machinery for cooperatives, compensation for up to 80% of the costs of seedlings, compensation for 25% of the costs of the purchased domestic machinery, etc.

The open-air exhibition for plant production “International Field Days Ukraine” is the established innovative platform and meeting point for farmers, consultants and producers and distributors of seeds, fertilizers, plant protection products and machinery. During the three days of the event farmers, representatives of agricultural companies, scientific and political institutions had the opportunity to get to know the latest innovations of the world’s most renowned companies of the agricultural industry. Altogether, 128 companies from Ukraine, Germany, Austria, France, the Netherlands, Poland and the US took part in the field days occupying 11 hectares. The organisers of the International Field Days Ukraine are DLG Ukraine , Agrarian Demonstration and Training Center and IFWexpo Heidelberg GmbH.

Exhibiting partners of the Donau Soja joint exposition:

  • Seeds companies: SAATBAU, Agritema, Danube Agro
  • Input companies: Agroscope, Rizobacter, AgriYield, Agritema
  • Laboratories and laboratory equipment: BioLabTech, Eurofins  
  • Certification bodies: Baltic Control
  • Weather stations companies: Metos

The Donau Soja joint exposition was a valuable opportunity for spreading the message of the importance and benefits of non-GMO soya production, and provided great business opportunities for members and partners of the association.

Within a five-year strategic partnership, Donau Soja and ADA support the development of sustainable and inclusive value chains for non-GMO soya in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Moldova and Ukraine.