European Food and Feed Sourcing Standard (EFFS)

Within the framework of the Strategic Partnership Programme, as part of continuous work on standard development, Donau Soja is supporting the development of an European Food and Feed Sourcing Standard (EFFS).

The EFFS is aimed to meet the demand for European products, in plant-based and animal-based supply chains where the focus is on locally produced ingredients for food and feed.

Both food and feed industries will be able to use this standard to source non-GM, European and sustainable raw materials.

The EFFS will be an answer to the call for clarity in the market. Although there are already products claiming European origin (of ingredients for food and feed), there is no clear definition of what this entails. This situation of multiple different approaches towards European origin (but also for non-GM and sustainability) can lead to undesired situations, both within companies and between the links in the supply chain. A precompetitive and collective approach is proposed in this project, to arrive at one shared framework for European origin, sustainability and non-GM ingredients. The project outcome will be a standard, risk-based verification mechanism and an IT-system.

The proposed Creation of a European Food and Feed Sourcing Standard (EFFS) will contribute to building sustainable, inclusive and well-functioning value chains for non-GM food and feed products. By
linking agricultural producers and processors from SEE and CEE with buyers in EU markets
the project would contribute to further increasing standards in developing countries.