Donau Soja Field Day 2018 in the Netherlands

On 19 of July the 2nd international open field day in the Netherlands was a real success. About 100 people from different countries such as Austria, Poland, Spain, Switzerland and Norway participated and visited all the different trial fields:

  • A trial with 8 different varieties of fresh soybeans (Edamame). These varieties come from Japan, Belgium and Germany.
  • A trial with 37 different varieties of early soybeans that might be suitable for the Dutch environment. The varieties came from Austria, Serbia, Belgium, Poland and Germany.
  • A trial with 8 different seed treatments with different kind of rhizobia. To see what rhizobia and seed treatment would work the best under the Dutch conditions.
  • A trial with 2 different treatments of rhizobia and two different varieties and fertilizer gifts. The trial has a variety which has a high protein content and a variety that has a low protein content. And on these two varieties we tested two different kinds of rhizobia and we gave fertilizer. We did this to see how we can influence the protein content in the soy.
  • A trial from Stoller where they showed different treatments from the products they have.
  • A trial with field beans and lupine


There were also presentations on this field day about DutchSoy, Europe Soya and about Edamame in Japan held by a Japanese seed company. Also there was a presentation from FiBL Switzerland on how they grow soybeans there and how they handle weeds. Furthermore there was an explanation about the project growing green protein and what is the ambition of the local government for this project.

On the field day DutchSoy and Green Organics explained how they are working together to stimulate the soy production.

All together it was a very successful day and we are looking forward to host the next field day in 2019.