Donau Soja Field Day 2018 in Moldova

The Donau Soja Field Day in Moldova took place on July 20, 2018, in Balti, North of Moldova.

The Demo Field was organised and maintained by the team of the Research Institute for Field Crops "Selectia".

We appreciate a great work done by the team of the ICCC "Selectia" headed by Dna Maria Iacobuta! 

This work was funded by sponsors whose support made the implementation of Donau Soja Demo Platform possible, mainly DS ROMÂNIA ONG, RIZOBACTER (Argentina), STOLLER EUROPE (Spain), ADAMA Romania. The inputs contribution was made by ABM (US), EURALLIS Romania, PROGRAIN ZIA (Czech Republic), IGPPP (Moldova), "WETRADE" (Moldova), NS SEME (Serbia), ADAMA, BASF.

The Donau Soja Field Day was organized within the framework of the ADA project „Development of Rural Areas in the Republic of Moldova (DevRAM) funded by the European Union and implemented by Donau Soja Asociation. 

There were 23 soybean varieties tested from 6 breeding companies: Deia, Enigma, Igorina, Aura, Magia, Flamura, Moldovita (ICCC „Selecţia”, Moldova), Albişoara, Nadejda, Clavera, Ştefanel, Laduţa (IGFPP AŞM, Moldova), Aligator, Mentor (Euralis, France), Silesia, Moravians (ZIA  Prograin), Asuka, Arisa, Kyoto, Kofu (1st reproduction), DX618 (2nd reproduction) ( Prograin Canada/Ucraina ), Tihana, Galina („NS SEME”, Serbia). 

The experiences with herbicides were demonstrated on variety Moldovita in 4 repetitions by using plant protection means from BASF and ADAMA.

The inoculants for trials were provided by companies from Spain (Stoller Europe), Argentina (Rizobacter), Romania (Transapicola Srl, Livezeni), Modova (IGPPP, WeTrade), USA (ABM, "Тavria"/ LTD). 

The event was attended by 85 participants, of which 40% were farmers from “the soya regions”: Ocnita, Briceni, Glodeni, Edinet, Balti. There were representatives from the National and regional ANSA offices, the National Farmers Federation, laboratories and companies such as “Organic Protect”, I.P. ”Institutul de Pedologie, Agrochimie şi Protecţie a Solului “Nicolae Dimo", Head of the State Commission for Plant Variety Testing, Research Institute „Porumbeni”, Pridnestrovian Research Institute of Agriculture, Colegiul de Zootehnie şi Medicină Veterinară din Brătuşeni, ÎM Elitagrotehnologie SRL, representatives from Educational Center  PRO DIDACTICA. 

The welcome speaches were made by Ion Gonta, representing Office for Technical Cooperation, Austrian Embassy, Chisinau, and a new director of ICCC „Selectia” Marin Cebotari. 

The international guests were from Prograin Zia Poland. Prograin ZIA Czech Republic, STOLLER EUROPE (Spain), ABM Ukraine, and Romanian trading company,

The event coverage was done by media group “Ferma”, Bucuresti, Romania.