Network of Soya experts

Research and expertise on soybean in Europe is limited to few experts, researchers and institutions, often not well connected with each other and rarely meeting. Donau Soja aims to develop and improve soybean production and use and acknowledges the strategic need for research and innovation. Therefore, Donau Soja is interested in establishing a European Soya knowledge platform to exchange knowledge and to build strategies and projects.

The first step is to map active experts, researchers and research activities already into place in Europe, therefore we kindly ask you to fill-in the template below and become part of the network.

Click h​ere to download the Scientific Mapping and please forward this request to any colleague you think can be involved.

We will treat the collected data with due respect to confidentiality and respect of privacy. Any further activity with the data you provide will be communicated to you in advance, asking for your permission in case of publication or dissemination.​​