Animal keeper

Are you an animal keeper interested in marketing your products as Donau Soja or Europe Soya products (e.g. eggs, meat, milk)?

Animal-based products labelled as “fed with Donau Soja / Europe Soya” shall originate from animals that have been fed with Donau Soja or Europe Soya animal feed.

General requirements (valid for all risk levels):

Directly commissioned inspection / certification
Direct marketers: contract with Donau Soja Organisation, “fed with Donau Soja / Europe Soya” labelling, and membership of the Donau Soja Association (declaration of accession)
Documentation of all goods purchased and used, including correct declaration
Records of number and density of livestock, fodder consumption, suppliers, customers
Home feed compounders and mobile blenders: documentation of compliant use of animal feed to additives, formulations and mixing protocols

Use of mobile blenders: records of correct cleaning

Total amount of soya (e.g. soya meal, oil, cake) has to be Donau Soja or Europe Soya

Documentation of all outgoing deliveries

Label packaging and shipping documents for animal products “fed with Donau Soja / Europe Soya”

Comply with conversion periods when converting to GM-free feeding

For more information please refer to the Donau Soja guidelines (R 06a) or Europe Soya guidelines (R 06a).

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