Mission Statement

Donau Soja promotes a sustainable and European protein supply.  

Donau Soja supports its members and partners in progressing and managing change in European farming and food value chains to address current and future social, environmental and economic challenges and to better meet societal expectations.

    • Donau Soja supports the production of European soybeans and other measures such as more sustainable consumption, more efficient use of protein in animal feeding, and the production of other grain legumes in Europe. This furthers more sustainable approaches to plant protein production and use, regional economic development, conservation of natural resources, protection of the environment and economic integration within Europe. 
    • Donau Soja pursues this especially by establishing and promoting  a high quality standard that builds on crop production and processing regulations applied in the European Union as well as additional sustainability criteria. This meets consumer demands for more sustainable, non-GM, regional and transparent value chains. 
    • Donau Soja is committed to supporting all value chain actors, from those developing public-policy frameworks, scientists, farmers and processors, through to the marketing of food products.