Agri Business Partner

Agri Business Partner doo (ABP) is the agricultural arm of the Irish based Conroy Group from Ireland, a family business operating since the 1950s.

Since 2006 Agri Business Partner has operated in the north western territory of Serbia in Vojvodina, in the region referred to as Bačka. ABP is engaged in both arable and dairy production private property of over c. 5,000 hectares.

ABPs arable production consists of both mercantile crop production and contract production, together with feed production for its diary operation. This complimentary combination of production is enabled by company know-how, the extent of irrigation over our first class land (50%), together with the configuration land.

ABP focuses its efforts to achieve the highest standards of production, optimisation of yield of each crop, efficiency of cost of production while targeting the full utilisation of its land.

By using technical innovations, together with the careful selection of crop varieties and cohesive management of both Arable and Dairy production, ensures that while ABP owns 5000 hectares, we effectively produces on own land of c. 5,800 – 6000 hectares.

Thanks to the modern manner of organization, it is possible to provide 99% traceability for all processes and specially related to soya production as soya is one of our main products, to ensure its non-GMO status. This applies on soybean seed production as well as on mercantile soya and soya finishing services, all being tested on GMO presence. The company produces more than 2000t of soybean seed annually, of all local non-GMO genetics.

Dairy overview

ABPs milk production represents the 04t largest supply to the largest Dairy in Serbia – with annual production in excess of 8.0million litres.

The farms currently have over 1,700 heads of top genetic standards. 

It is widely recognised that such high-quality milk production cattle, diet is paramount.  It is with regards to this that ABP focused on producing 95% of the feed for the diet, within a controlled environment. This has contributed to achieving regionally high levels of production per animal.

ABPs milk meets the industrial ‘extra class’ standards with work processes on meeting all requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14000, ISO 22000 and HACPP.

We are looking forward to new partnerships in the future.