Main Objectives

Donau Soja represents GM-free, origin-controlled quality soya from the Danube region, making a valuable contribution to the European supply of protein.

The project's most important objectives are the promotion and expedition of regional soya bean cultivation according to clearly defined quality criteria, as well as the expansion of infrastructure in order to attain these objectives. In the forefront are:

  • promoting both cultivation and processing of GM-free soya within the Danube region for Europe – using the Donau Soja trademark;
  • establishing reliable supply and value-added chains via member businesses, contributing to the independent European supply of protein;
  • directing a funded breeding, research and monitoring programme for GMO-free soya seeds and soya plant protection concepts for the Danube region.

Additional Donau Soja objectives:

  • fundamental Donau Soja cornerstones are a regional value-added chain, GMO-free production, sustainability, and traceability;
  • to cultivate solely on currently available cultivation and fallow land in the Danube region, to expressly exclude natural preserves and other protected zones;
  • to establish Donau Soja and its production criteria as a quality trademark which is recognised throughout Europe;
  • to contribute to the reduction of the carbon footprint generated by imported soya products and meat by promoting European protein plants;
  • to systematically inform the general public as well as all relevant economic, NGO and political stakeholders;
  • to support research in economics and ecology to evaluate and measure the programme's success.

Donau Soja…

  • ... gives consumers the certainty that their product has been manufactured from GM-free soya beans grown in the Danube region;
  • ... opens the door to European businesses to become pioneers in providing regional, GM-free animal feed – serving the regional value chain;
  • … makes a vital contribution to integrating the Danube region, providing economic incentives and opportunities for Danube countries;
  • … makes an essential contribution to a GM-free European supply of protein;
  • ... allows businesses to meet the demand for sustainably manufactured food and feed, giving them a clear competitive advantage.

Donau Soja also endorses…

  • ... the consumption of vegetable protein;
  • ... organic farming;
  • ... support for soya bean cultivation in future EU programmes;
  • ... establishing uniform guidelines for GM-free production in Europe;
  • ... establishing uniform plant protection regulations for the Danube region;
  • ... establishing a best practice roadmap to ensure sustained soya bean cultivation.