Donau Soja is an international, non-profit organisation based in Vienna. Under the brand Donau Soja we stand up for soya bean cultivation in the Danube region and under the brand Europe Soya we stand up for soya bean cultivation in the European region. Our programme promotes a non-GM, sustainable and regional protein supply. The Donau Soja and the Europe Soya Standard and their Guidelines (Donau Soja; Europe Soya) comprise the two foundation pillars. It is possible to be certified in the organic sector following our two standards.

Europe Soya and Donau Soja is soya from Europe or from the Danube region and non-GM. Our Soya farmers comply with EU plant protection regulations and EU labour and social standards (ILO). Furthermore, their land usage is limited to fields cultivated for agricultural purposes prior to 1 January 2008.

Prominent European institutes and organisations support this ambitious initiative. Food retailers, large agricultural trade houses, the animal feed industry, oil mills and numerous processors, as well as environmental organisations such as Greenpeace, Global 2000 and WWF are all members and vital Danube Soya Association contributors. Many agricultural ministers of Danube countries have demonstrated their support by signing the Danube Soya Declaration. They recognise the need for added value in the Danube region, to bolster an independent European supply of protein. 

Today's agricultural practices are unthinkable without soya. Cultivation rose from 17 million tonnes in 1960 to 327 million tonnes in 2016. This highly important legume had vanished from European cultivation into oblivion. Europe Soya and Donau Soja give soya a new, European face: the face of European farmers. Europe Soya and Donau Soja guarantee 100% transparency and link consumers to European soya bean farmers and producers.

Investing in the cultivation of quality soya, strengthens Europe and in particular the Danube region, with the Danube itself as a supply artery for Europe. The infrastructure expansion required for creating added value also provides interesting economic possibilities for the region.

Together with its partners, the Danube Soya Association implements breeding and research projects for non-GM soya seeds and soya plant protection concepts.

Co-ordinated out of Austria, the project interlinks the Danube region with new economic perspectives, offering economic opportunities and stimulus for all European countries, thereby establishing and fostering ecologically sustainable European self-sufficiency. Consumers profit from safe, sustainable, non-GM and regional soya, and animal keepers from long-term security of supply.